January 12th '14 22:48

no one even does this any more.

So I went more than a year without a post, clearly blogging is dead. I use Google+ a little bit, but its mostly deeply embarrassing. Facebook is "disabled" unless I'm snowed in or in tech, so I'm basically an electronic hermit. Between that and the ham radios, I'm basically extremely old. I am surprised how much unhappiness facebook breeds; it makes me feel less alone but its

I'm in tech for Silent Sky at TheatreWorks, which I imagine is going to be my last professional gig; they've always been difficult to schedule and are now making me feel old rather than happy, as the crew remains the same age and I keep getting older. That said, I can't think of anyone else who still has such a complicated and time consuming hobby. Ah well.

Maybe I'll post a lot this week, even if I'm just shouting into the void. Its going to be a slow tech.

January 16th '14 16:56

Re: no one even does this any more.

You're not quite shouting into the void. RSS still working apparently. We're pretty much on the same page, but that may not help since I'm even older than you.

Also you trailed off mid-sentence there "less alone but its"

I have a fairly substantial loathing for Facebook, and almost never update anything (except yesterday was my birthday, so yeah). I still occasionally wish that Google+ had supplanted it, but yeah that didn't really happen.

Vague sense of becoming disconnected from friends isn't really helped by the occasional posting of food, vacation, and baby pictures...


April 3rd '15 18:03

Re: no one even does this any more.

But I think blogging has taken so many forms that news it'd about money and ads and diy and such. And I am too active on facebook but it's how I get to see into the worlds of my old friends when our lives don't let us connect any other way. Probably just an excuse for not picking up my phone and reaching out but when my day is done everyone is asleep.


I guess I miss rambling condos with you.

I hope you are well and happy. Always wish happiness

maybe its dead