March 13th '10 4:23


I really like fake holidays. Which is to say, holidays which no one really celebrates. It turns out that most of these, for whatever reason, are various old-timey Catholic holidays that someone in my lineage probably celebrated at some point. The first one is Three Kings Day, which Art & I used in high school to give Brigitte a big wheel of cheese.

(An aside: Had I known at the time about the Big Block Of Cheese Story, made famous by the West Wing [which didn't yet exist], this gift would have been much, much funnier to me).

I've decided the next fake-but-real holiday that I should observe is St. Joseph's day (la fiesta di San Giusseppe), which is apparently celebrated in Sicily by doing things with fava beans. Of course, this year I'll have a show, but now there's a repeating event on my calendar. For eating beans.

I truly have life all figured out.