July 16th '10 20:13


Most everyone has heard this already because I begged them for money, but I'm going on a long, hopefully awesome charitable motorcycle ride starting one week from today. Here is a list of things I've never done before:
- taken a multi-day motorcycle trip
- ridden in a group
- ridden primarily on secondary roads
- ridden without a passenger for more than a hundred miles
- worried about hydration, repair, and entertainment at 70mph
- ridden for a full day in my current gear
- spent a week with total strangers

And probably a bunch of other things I'm being anxious about. Most of this is just run of the mill social anxiety for me; you'd think I'd be used to it by now. My todo list is slowly shrinking to a manageable number of things, although I'm still worried about the accounting of donations - I should be at the required level by now, but I haven't heard anything official. I'm prepared to just write a check for the balance regardless of what it is, however. I suppose I am just generally anxious about doing something I've never done before, wholly unsurprisingly.

At least I'm confident in the bike, and becoming more and more comfortable with its periodic maintenance. I still need to learn to do a valve adjustment and change the fluid out of the hydraulic systems, but hey, who needs brakes or a clutch or valves that don't contact the cylinder heads? It'll be fine. I may take a day off in the middle of next week just to do a final shakedown ride and abate my worry a bit.

Anyway, when I disappear from the internet in 7 days, and all none of you go looking for me, I suggest go.fivesevenfive.org/where.

July 17th '10 13:03

Re: terrified

I'll be excited to hear how well this goes. I suspect you'll have an excellent time and come out the other end with good friends and a deeper relationship with your bike.

Looking forward to seeing the post-ride follow up. And maybe some pictures? Worry about taking good pictures if you need something to worry about. For me, capturing the event properly has always been harder than surviving the event (almost always, anyhow).

*HUGS* from the Midwest,