October 18th '10 6:13

I sure am in Japan right now.

I'm not really certain how that happened! I'm in Tokyo (Roppongi? Something I can't pronounce or spell) with Alycia right now. I'm working, she's off having fun, and the city is generally unusual and confusing.

I was expecting more culture shock, as in Beijing last year. Beijing had such a feel of being recently first-world - you never were sure how to get somewhere or what to do. The cabbies didn't seem to know how to get around either. Most of this difference is probably really due to currency - since everything is expensive here, especially compared to China, we've been taking fewer cabs.

Having a cell phone that works, with data, is fantastic. Google maps makes travelling 100% less scary for me - I know I can walk a long way, and having the phone means knowing which way that is. The rental SIM is pretty ridiculously expensive though - $220 for the week - but at least I'm not paying. Network speeds are pleasantly stupidly fast as well.

The only thing that's freaking me out is there are basically no coffee shops. I sort of expected a tea-based hot beverage society, but there's a lot of coffee, and it all seems to come out of vending machines. I think I'd prefer tea.

Photos to come. Jet lag is a real thing and pretty annoying.

August 16th '10 21:27

Album of the Year

August 11th '10 18:24

Have an Android cell phone? Get Google Voice.

Everyone everywhere needs google voice, but if you're a new android user (and a lot of my friends seem to be), sign up right now. You probably won't use all of the service, but the voicemail transcription alone is completely worth it.

Go to google.com/voice and pick a phone number. It doesn't matter what it is - the primary use for this is giving it to companies (or dates, I suppose) who you want to be able to ignore in the future. You'll go through the first-run flow, and have to add and confirm a phone number; add your android's number here.

Now go to Market, and install the Voice application. It'll go through a little first-run flow as well (when it asks, select "only use google voice for international calls"), and then ask you to use google voice as your voicemail. This is the thing you want!

There'll be a bunch of other neat stuff you can do - cheap international calls, avoiding text messaging charges from your carrier - but the core functionality is awesome, free voicemail.

August 5th '10 23:16

old abandoned barn, really cool.

August 5th '10 21:16


August 5th '10 19:16

i tried the best I can

August 2nd '10 23:13

There was a tiny dirt road.

August 2nd '10 21:13

These 4 went into the water, like nutters.

July 22nd '10 19:00

beyond love

July 16th '10 20:13


Most everyone has heard this already because I begged them for money, but I'm going on a long, hopefully awesome charitable motorcycle ride starting one week from today. Here is a list of things I've never done before:
- taken a multi-day motorcycle trip
- ridden in a group
- ridden primarily on secondary roads
- ridden without a passenger for more than a hundred miles
- worried about hydration, repair, and entertainment at 70mph
- ridden for a full day in my current gear
- spent a week with total strangers

And probably a bunch of other things I'm being anxious about. Most of this is just run of the mill social anxiety for me; you'd think I'd be used to it by now. My todo list is slowly shrinking to a manageable number of things, although I'm still worried about the accounting of donations - I should be at the required level by now, but I haven't heard anything official. I'm prepared to just write a check for the balance regardless of what it is, however. I suppose I am just generally anxious about doing something I've never done before, wholly unsurprisingly.

At least I'm confident in the bike, and becoming more and more comfortable with its periodic maintenance. I still need to learn to do a valve adjustment and change the fluid out of the hydraulic systems, but hey, who needs brakes or a clutch or valves that don't contact the cylinder heads? It'll be fine. I may take a day off in the middle of next week just to do a final shakedown ride and abate my worry a bit.

Anyway, when I disappear from the internet in 7 days, and all none of you go looking for me, I suggest go.fivesevenfive.org/where.

July 13th '10 21:56

haiku: i'm pretty sure i can kill you with my mind edition

big trip in 10 days
mail order parts and tune ups
don't punch idiots.

July 9th '10 22:51


July 8th '10 23:07


I wonder if I've gotten this thing talking to twitter again successfully?

Can we talk about how sad it is that so many folks seem to consume only twitter and tumblr? They are the loci of marginal lack of thought on the internet.

July 8th '10 16:50

Google Goats!

June 15th '10 21:49

haiku: british petroleum seems to have things under control edition

factually asleep
the day is passing me by
i'll murder that dog!

June 4th '10 21:47

haiku: fixed some crap edition

images back up
i'm in rochester ny
hooray subversion